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White petrified wood point

I bought this piece of rock at the maple ridge rock club. It’s a great slab of some even better material. I think it may be opalised wood from Nevada. It’s the only place that I’ve ever seen a stone like that come from. If I had to guess I would say it came from McDermit nevada.

This one’s for sale here, if you’re interested: it’s 35 bucks

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first point of 2012

Like the lithified mud-stone from a few posts back, this rock came from a guy at a knap in who collected the stone in the columbia river gorge. There’s an amazing variety of material that comes out of that river, I just wish there were more easily accessible gravel bars.

I lost this point somewhere..  I’m sure it’ll turn up in one of my pockets, but I sure like the look of this rock. I have two more slabs of the stuff and I’ve been saving it for when I’m itching to make a cool looking point.

I made this point on jan 1, 2012 at about 4 pm.


See you tomorrow!

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Silicified mud-stone

This stuff is sweet. I love it. Apparently it’s a mud-stone that lithified or agatised, after a bit of heat the rock slicks up and works beautifully.

But then again, I’m a sucker for the brown rocks.

This material comes from the Columbia River Gorge..  and a fat lot of good that does anyone trying to find it..  The gorge runs for miles and miles with very few access points. The best way that I can figure for you to explore the area is to get yourself a boat and hug the shoreline looking for river bars that you can search for knappables. I know of knappable stone that comes from the Deschutes area and from Biggs. Other than that i have no idea. I went to the gorge at the access point near George Washington, (the town.. not the guy) and I found a few pieces of different coloured opalites.. but they were few and far between, with the source of the rock potentially anywhere along the cliffs of the gorge. Good luck to any of you trying to find rock. If you find some sources and are willing to help a brother out, let me know! haha.

But i digress..  Here’s my arrowhead

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day 5: midnight lace obsidian

All copper, all the time. I’m a bad caveman, I use modern tools on stone that deserves to be worked with hammer-stones and antler billets.

If you want to watch me make this beast of a spear point check the video series out here:

warning: I do something stupid at the beginning of this video

I’ll post a link to the point if any of you guys want to buy it on I charge 20 dollars an inch for points but if you send me an email saying you came from here, I’ll give her to you for 15 dollars an inch.

edit: here’s the link to the flintknappers page:

Here she is… the beast

Click on these for a ridiculously big image… that is, if you want to.

Thanks for dropping by! And as always, come back tomorrow for another post..  I’ll give you a hint. It’s a point made out of rainbow obsidian.

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