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White petrified wood point

I bought this piece of rock at the maple ridge rock club. It’s a great slab of some even better material. I think it may be opalised wood from Nevada. It’s the only place that I’ve ever seen a stone like that come from. If I had to guess I would say it came from McDermit nevada.

This one’s for sale here, if you’re interested: it’s 35 bucks

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onondaga chert

Well this was the first point that I made as a twenty year old. I don’t have time to upload photos right now but here’s the link to my paleoplanet thread.

Here’s a couple of photos of the point.

Take care.

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the last point as the teenagecaveman

Well it turns out that the last point I filmed myself making on my youtube channel was also the last point that I made as a teenager.

click here for a link to the video series..

It’s a European flint Clovis attempt, the material sure is pretty..  I wish the flutes went a  little bit further instead of not going at all…  It’s an un-fluted Clovis! haha

see you tomorrow!

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Bombay sapphire/ Robert Chaplin

Last fall I made some points for my friend named Robert Chaplin. he gave me three empty bottles of Bombay sapphire alcohol. It’s a pale light blue, and I made him four points. Rob laser welded silver wire around each and made them into pretty pendants. Here’s a link to a cool project that Rob’s been working on (royal canadian snowflakes). Here’s a link to his blog (click here). He’s always writing about something interesting and witty.

These are the Bombay sapphire points.

If you’re interested in ordering custom arrowheads drop me an email at harleyslade @ hotmail . com, or leave a comment with your email address, and we’ll get in touch.

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king bopper buster’s trophy points!

Back in the fall I held a paleoplanet contest where people posted all of their points made out of the toughest material they had and then people voted on a winner  (click here). We called it the “bopper buster contest 2011”. Micheal won, so I sent him a box full of rocks, most were tough, but some were slick. Here’s what he made out of them yesterday. (click here for the original post on paleoplanet)

if you like Micheal Miller’s work, here’s a link to his gallery.


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obsidian gunther

She’s pretty cute!

Gunther point styles are a somewhat impractical point style, which were made in the west coast of North America. They are relatively difficult to make and the only advantage to having the wings would be to serve as barbs after the arrow penentrates. The fragile nature of the rock it is made of and low tensile strength, I would assume, makes this a very unstable and all around poor hunting point. This point style was more likely used as it is today; it was made primarily as a way to show off a flintknappers skill.

Thanks for dropping by! I’m just over half way through my goal for march now… Hooftah!

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silver sheen leaf blade.

I’m not sure weather or not i’ll notch this one. He’s about three minutes away from being a pretty sweet little gobbler (turkey tail). Let me know what you guys think about this one. Should I keep it like this as a leaf blade? Or should i throw two notches in it and call it a turkey tail? Leave a comment on this post and if you want it notched I’ll throw up an update when it’s done.


Thanks for looking! Only two more days until my birthday and the release of my final teenagecaveman video.


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One of my first Clovis points.

I was siting outside on a sawed off cedar tree stump somewhere in the northwest corner of the langara golf course. The slightly radioactive acid rain, that Vancouver is so well known for, was coming down hard, and one of Churchill’s PE classes had the unfortunate luck of having to run the trail that surrounds the golf course that fall day.

I wasn’t getting wet, well at least not as wet as the high-school kids. I was perched on top of my hidden stump underneath a large conifer, -either douglas fir or spruce, I can’t remember- working a little piece of glass-buttes obsidian. I had roughed out the preform the night before and during my 50 minute break in between geology and anthropology I decided that I would attempt the second or third Clovis point of my knapping career..

All went according to plan the first nipple was set up perfectly. I wrapped my leather around the preform tightly…     I set it on my thigh and swung… Bam! Right on target.   The first flute is always like that. It ran about half way up the preform and was wide and flat. Beauty.

The second flute came out almost as good as the first except the angle of the swing was slightly different or the edge of the preform made the flute fall just short of the length of the first.. This is how she turned out.

Thanks for stopping by,  and keep checking back here because there will be a new post every day for this month.

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