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I’m back

Hi there Rocktards… well it’s been a couple of months. Sorry for ignoring you guys. If you hadn’t realized, the previous post was an april fools day joke.
I don’t have a great excuse for neglecting this blog, all I can say is life got in the way. If you’re itching to see me you can check out my youtube flintknapping channel here:
I’ve been keeping busy with all of my primitive things. I made a primitive, wood and bone crossbow for a father’s day gift. I’ve been making a whole bunch of arrowheads, quite a lot of ceramics and pottery, and pretty much anything that I feel like making. I’m going to start up the blog again soon. So keep your eyes open!
To start it all off again, I’ll show you guys a few pictures I took of some wildlife I encountered a few weekends ago:
Yellow-bellied racer: I’ve only ever seen 6 of these guys, and two of them were flattened on the road. This guy unfortunately had a whole in its side and some of his guts were hanging out. It happened quite a while ago because the guts had dried out and turned black. These snakes are some of the most beautiful graceful snakes in our region. When this racer stretched itself out it was about 3 and a half feet long. If you stumble upon one of these guys they usually slither away, but if you’re planning on getting a new pet, grab a hold of them and then grip their neck as close to the head as possible (on the sides) and stroke the belly until it calms down. Although these guys aren’t poisonous they do have a few rows of sharp teeth, and I wouldn’t want to be bitten by an animal that eats leeches, rodents, bugs and fish. Who knows what diseases are festering within their mouths. Once they calm down they don’t try to bite you as much.

Painted Turtle: these guys are supposedly endangered… I saw about 100 in one day that weekend. They’re beautiful turtles, their main predators are cows and people, both of which destroy their habitat. These turtles are found from BC to the Maritimes and all throughout the northern and central states. The young are carnivorous and gradually become herbivorous as they reach adulthood.

Abandoned kill-deer egg: these things, believe it or not come out of a little shore bird that is only about 5 inches tall, with two inch long legs. This egg was about two inches at the longest and an inch and a half wide. A nest usually has four of these. These little guys normally freak out if you’re anywhere near their nests and act injured to lure away large predators. The birds were nowhere to be seen when we found this little guy, and the three other eggs, that would normally accompany this one, were absent.

Anyways we had an awesome father’s day weekend and saw some amazing wildlife. Thanks for dropping by and if you haven’t subscribed yet, do. That way you can see my sporadic nature photographs and primitive art posts when I post them.
Take care

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Fourth day in Princeton

The next day we went fishing on the Similkameen in hopes to snag ourselves a few whitefish. Unfortunately no pools east of Princeton down to Bromley rock yielded any fish. After a long day fishing the creeks and losing a few hooks without a single nibble we decided to fish the reliable Mackenzie lake for the last few hours of day light. My camera ran out of batteries early on that day so I only have a couple shots of the early morning… Oh well.

Grandpa caught two fish that day, a rainbow and a brook trout. I caught one on his rod when he wasn’t paying attention.

The next morning I got up at around 7 so that i could go for a walk to the vermillion bluffs. I bundled up with all of my warm clothing, grabbed my rock backpack and took off to the Kettle Valley Railway trail (KVR). The thermometer in my grandpa’s truck read -16C, which is cold enough to freeze your nostrils shut and slow down electronics. When I was all bundled up it felt like it might have only been -2.

i found so many different types of rock that day, more than I could count. Among some of the most exciting was, a thick band of amazingly slick brown chert (Slade-stone) that i couldn’t pry out with my moose antler. I also found a beautiful seam of multi-coloured shiny red, olive and yellow stone up on top of a precarious ledge that if it wasn’t so frozen could have crumbled causing a landslide. click here to see the last teenagecaveman video which is also of the vermilion bluffs.

Thanks for dropping by! come on back tomorrow, I appreciate it when you do.

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the third day on the ice.

This day we made our way up to Deadman lake. it’s up north of Princeton half way to Merrit except instead of turning left at the A.P. guest ranch, you take a right up hornet road and follow the big spray paint Ds. It was a beautiful sunny day, but we couldn’t get ourselves any fish. The two lakes we fished up there were completely infested with freshwater shrimps. Those little fish were probably as fat as can be and about the farthest thing from being hungry. We gathered some wood and I made a fire on the lake to toast our peanut butter and jam sandwiches. A warm lunch sure warms the spirits..  Not that we were bummed out about the lack of fish at all. If we got upset about not catching any fish we probably wouldn’t go back ice fishing every year.

Even though we didn’t catch any fish at the lakes I did scoop up some of the scuds and took them home for dinner. We stopped off at Mackenzie lake again for a little while and I did end up catching a couple of fish.

The fresh water shrimp tasted like salt water shrimp although they were a little bit more chewy. They wouldn’t be bad in rice or stir fry.

Haha tomorrow you can see photos of the vermillion bluffs. If you can’t wait.. check out this video.


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Ice fishing – Day two

Hello again everyone. Ive uploaded a new video to youtube..  the last teenagecaveman video.  yesterday was the first day out of my teens, it feels weird. A little bit sad while happy at the same time..  people on facebook post on your wall wishing you a happy birthday, it instills a pleasant idea, that people around you care.

Oh I’m sorry…  I’m sure you remember turning twenty. All’s I want is to go in the woods and live like the ancients. Haha.. oh well I guess telling you about my fishing trips will have to suffice.

The second day fishing was the best of our trip. We fished Ludwick lake, which is a relatively long and large lake, located about half way in between princeton and merrit. The lake is bordered by large steep mountains, their sides crumbling down as tallus slopes into the lake below. in the middle of the lake lies a large stone island with dwarfed spruce trees and juniper clinging to its steep sides. About 15 feet out from the island is our fishing hole. I pulled out fish after fish. 5 came up from my hook while two met their fate at the end of my grandpa’s line. This also happened to be the day when I started the “nevada bullseye point” from this previous post.

in flint news..  yesterday i made my first Onondaga point. she’s tough to percuss but pressure-flakes like butter! haha it’ll be comming in a new blog post don’t you worry.

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I’m 20

It’s been a fun life so far! I out-lived a couple of my friends already… haha! Harley: one, dead friend: zero! For today I’m going to take a break from my point a day game and do a three or four part mini series of my last ice-fishing trip as theteenagecaveman.

During my reading break last February, my Dad, Grandpa and I took a mid semester fishing break up to our awesome little country house in Princeton BC. We left on a rainy grey Saturday early in the morning in an attempt to get up to a lake that day. The drive through the Fraser valley was fair with no traffic to slow us down. We hit snow at around the hope slide, but the road was bare and we made it up to our favourite town in a little over 3 hours.

We even made it out to Mackenzie lake before dark and got a few hours of fishing in. The first day always tells you how the trip is going to go. After about two hours of sitting by a hole in the ice I pulled out a little rainbow. It was the only fish of the day. Grandpa wasn’t so lucky and after another hour or two, when the sun dipped behind the snow frosted mountains and the temperature dropped a few degrees, we decided to call it quits.

Thanks for stopping by on my birthday! I hope you enjoyed it. If you’re craving for more rock don’t worry, in the next few days I’ll be uploading a video of the vermillion bluffs.. which will happen to be the last video by the teenagecaveman.

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