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I’m back

Hi there Rocktards… well it’s been a couple of months. Sorry for ignoring you guys. If you hadn’t realized, the previous post was an april fools day joke.
I don’t have a great excuse for neglecting this blog, all I can say is life got in the way. If you’re itching to see me you can check out my youtube flintknapping channel here:
I’ve been keeping busy with all of my primitive things. I made a primitive, wood and bone crossbow for a father’s day gift. I’ve been making a whole bunch of arrowheads, quite a lot of ceramics and pottery, and pretty much anything that I feel like making. I’m going to start up the blog again soon. So keep your eyes open!
To start it all off again, I’ll show you guys a few pictures I took of some wildlife I encountered a few weekends ago:
Yellow-bellied racer: I’ve only ever seen 6 of these guys, and two of them were flattened on the road. This guy unfortunately had a whole in its side and some of his guts were hanging out. It happened quite a while ago because the guts had dried out and turned black. These snakes are some of the most beautiful graceful snakes in our region. When this racer stretched itself out it was about 3 and a half feet long. If you stumble upon one of these guys they usually slither away, but if you’re planning on getting a new pet, grab a hold of them and then grip their neck as close to the head as possible (on the sides) and stroke the belly until it calms down. Although these guys aren’t poisonous they do have a few rows of sharp teeth, and I wouldn’t want to be bitten by an animal that eats leeches, rodents, bugs and fish. Who knows what diseases are festering within their mouths. Once they calm down they don’t try to bite you as much.

Painted Turtle: these guys are supposedly endangered… I saw about 100 in one day that weekend. They’re beautiful turtles, their main predators are cows and people, both of which destroy their habitat. These turtles are found from BC to the Maritimes and all throughout the northern and central states. The young are carnivorous and gradually become herbivorous as they reach adulthood.

Abandoned kill-deer egg: these things, believe it or not come out of a little shore bird that is only about 5 inches tall, with two inch long legs. This egg was about two inches at the longest and an inch and a half wide. A nest usually has four of these. These little guys normally freak out if you’re anywhere near their nests and act injured to lure away large predators. The birds were nowhere to be seen when we found this little guy, and the three other eggs, that would normally accompany this one, were absent.

Anyways we had an awesome father’s day weekend and saw some amazing wildlife. Thanks for dropping by and if you haven’t subscribed yet, do. That way you can see my sporadic nature photographs and primitive art posts when I post them.
Take care

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