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White petrified wood point

I bought this piece of rock at the maple ridge rock club. It’s a great slab of some even better material. I think it may be opalised wood from Nevada. It’s the only place that I’ve ever seen a stone like that come from. If I had to guess I would say it came from McDermit nevada.

This one’s for sale here, if you’re interested: it’s 35 bucks

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the last point as the teenagecaveman

Well it turns out that the last point I filmed myself making on my youtube channel was also the last point that I made as a teenager.

click here for a link to the video series..

It’s a European flint Clovis attempt, the material sure is pretty..  I wish the flutes went a  little bit further instead of not going at all…  It’s an un-fluted Clovis! haha

see you tomorrow!

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king bopper buster’s trophy points!

Back in the fall I held a paleoplanet contest where people posted all of their points made out of the toughest material they had and then people voted on a winner  (click here). We called it the “bopper buster contest 2011”. Micheal won, so I sent him a box full of rocks, most were tough, but some were slick. Here’s what he made out of them yesterday. (click here for the original post on paleoplanet)

if you like Micheal Miller’s work, here’s a link to his gallery.


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day 5: midnight lace obsidian

All copper, all the time. I’m a bad caveman, I use modern tools on stone that deserves to be worked with hammer-stones and antler billets.

If you want to watch me make this beast of a spear point check the video series out here:

warning: I do something stupid at the beginning of this video

I’ll post a link to the point if any of you guys want to buy it on I charge 20 dollars an inch for points but if you send me an email saying you came from here, I’ll give her to you for 15 dollars an inch.

edit: here’s the link to the flintknappers page:

Here she is… the beast

Click on these for a ridiculously big image… that is, if you want to.

Thanks for dropping by! And as always, come back tomorrow for another post..  I’ll give you a hint. It’s a point made out of rainbow obsidian.

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