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Wood stove ceramics.

This was a little experiment to see if my fireplace would get hot enough to fire a ceramic bowl.

the clay is just standard white plainsman sea mix clay that we got on sale at greenbarn pottery supply (link)

The pot seems to be bisqued, in that it isn’t soluble anymore but the clay is still permeable to water. I made the designs on the outside by burning wood chips next to the red hot pot as it cooled and the black splotches were made by melting feathers onto the outside of the pot.

It was the first try and there was a little explosion on the bottom of the piece. oh well it’s alright..  it adds character.

Thanks for looking!

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a pair of peanut butter points

Howdy everyone. Today I have a couple points made out of my homemade stone called princeton peanutbutter.

Princeton peanut butter was originally an ashflow-cherty-tuff which in essence is basically a pyroclastic flow composed mainly of fine ash particles. The flow, I believe (due to partial grading on the top of the deposit), had a river flowing over it before it was lithified. The bed of ash and plant debris was berried for only a short period of time, with very little heat and pressure, before it was brought back to the surface (perhaps due to isostatic rebound from the receding ice ages.)

The composition of the ash-flow must have been rich in silica and other clay minerals because when I put it in my pottery kiln up to cone 3 the stone vitrifies and changes colour.

It’s my own little homemade stone, I love working it and it makes some of the most interesting points.


This is the first point that i made out of the superheated stone. I  made it the same day after the piece came out of the kiln.

Here’s a whole bunch of paleoplanet threads if you’re interested in reading more on the subject. Please excuse the bad grammar in these paleoplanet threads. haha

and one post form my old teenagecaveman blog


Thanks for dropping by!  my appologies for a late blog post today.. I’ve been swamped with school work for the past two weeks.

Tune in tomorrow for a sweet article on Obsidian.


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