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Big Foot exists :: new evidence



Last May, I went up to Campbell river with my grandparents to go fish the Elk river. Every year I try to come up and catch some rainbows as they enter the river to spawn.

We had another late spring this year, on BC but not quite as late as last year. grandpa and I fished all day and couldn’t catch a thing. But here’s the story of how I found this.


Grandpa and I were slowly working our way down to the mouth of the elk river. One riverbank was washed out and a log jam had accumulated. We couldn’t wade around it because of the spring freshet, so we had to backtrack through the woods. After getting our flyrods tangled up in the shrub willows and elk-stunted spruce trees we broke free into an old river basin. The ground was primarily made of gravel except for one little pocket of pebbles. This is where I found my track. The second I point it out to grandpa, he says “oh that’s a person footprint” and then leaves right away to go and try fishing. Luckily I didn’t fall for it, and took a couple of pictures.


Here we go, Sasquatch exists.

Click the foot for a really big image, it is fully downloadable, just give credit where credit is due.


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