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Big Foot exists :: new evidence



Last May, I went up to Campbell river with my grandparents to go fish the Elk river. Every year I try to come up and catch some rainbows as they enter the river to spawn.

We had another late spring this year, on BC but not quite as late as last year. grandpa and I fished all day and couldn’t catch a thing. But here’s the story of how I found this.


Grandpa and I were slowly working our way down to the mouth of the elk river. One riverbank was washed out and a log jam had accumulated. We couldn’t wade around it because of the spring freshet, so we had to backtrack through the woods. After getting our flyrods tangled up in the shrub willows and elk-stunted spruce trees we broke free into an old river basin. The ground was primarily made of gravel except for one little pocket of pebbles. This is where I found my track. The second I point it out to grandpa, he says “oh that’s a person footprint” and then leaves right away to go and try fishing. Luckily I didn’t fall for it, and took a couple of pictures.


Here we go, Sasquatch exists.

Click the foot for a really big image, it is fully downloadable, just give credit where credit is due.


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glass gunther

This is another point from a video series. I made it last Wednesday. It was a request from one of my viewers.

click here for the video series,

I think it turned out alright! let me know what you think.  Oh, this one’s for sale on my store if you’re interested. here’s the link

I hope you like this one. It was fun to make.

Tune in tomorrow to see another cool point.

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obsidian gunther

She’s pretty cute!

Gunther point styles are a somewhat impractical point style, which were made in the west coast of North America. They are relatively difficult to make and the only advantage to having the wings would be to serve as barbs after the arrow penentrates. The fragile nature of the rock it is made of and low tensile strength, I would assume, makes this a very unstable and all around poor hunting point. This point style was more likely used as it is today; it was made primarily as a way to show off a flintknappers skill.

Thanks for dropping by! I’m just over half way through my goal for march now… Hooftah!

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silver sheen leaf blade.

I’m not sure weather or not i’ll notch this one. He’s about three minutes away from being a pretty sweet little gobbler (turkey tail). Let me know what you guys think about this one. Should I keep it like this as a leaf blade? Or should i throw two notches in it and call it a turkey tail? Leave a comment on this post and if you want it notched I’ll throw up an update when it’s done.


Thanks for looking! Only two more days until my birthday and the release of my final teenagecaveman video.


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Sandy bottom point

There’s some nice swirl in this one. It’s also one of the first where my parallel oblique flaking started to show through. I’m still not that great at making that flake pattern but with each point I get better.  The bottom of this point looks like some sort of poorly silicified dirt or sand  and it knapped like that too, although it was surprisingly brittle. It sure makes for an interesting point though.

While knapping this rock, she was giving off a putrid smell of petrol, i guess we can call it western stink rock. Eastern stink rock is the infamous Onondaga chert. one of these days ill knap out a point made of Onondaga for you guys and gals.

Thanks for looking!

Thanks for looking guys, and check out my youtube series shutupandknap. this week’s video series started uploading on thursday.

Have a good one!

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Day 8.. the White Gold’ Scotty.

Well, 4 more days until my birthday… 20 years. Hmm it doesn’t seem like 20 years does it. 1992… I’m approaching my fourth year knapping also. Could it be that I started flintknapping at 16? No, not quite… I’m approaching my third year flintknapping.

Here’s one of my first posts on paleoplanet…

Aaaaah good times.

Speaking of good times, two years ago (almost to the day), my mom, sister and I made our way down to the grand canyon during spring break. It was bitterly cold in the high altitudes of northern Arizona. We had snow almost every day, but it made for some amazing photographs of the canyon. On our way back we snaked through Nevada and Oregon. In a little pseudo-ghost town known for its mean cops and their tendency to ride your ass so that you have to speed in order to avoid a collision, I found this piece of rock. It’s a form of white chert from Goldfield Nevada. Little did I know, right close to that town is some of the most amazing jasper in the world. It was given the ingenious name of “Goldfield jasper”… oh well, I guess flintknappers aren’t the most creative bunch? haha

Anyways… here’s the point that I made out of the rock. It’s like a scottsbluff, but a little stubbier. Let me know if you have a better name for it. Until then it’s the “white Goldfield Scottsbluff”


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One of my first Clovis points.

I was siting outside on a sawed off cedar tree stump somewhere in the northwest corner of the langara golf course. The slightly radioactive acid rain, that Vancouver is so well known for, was coming down hard, and one of Churchill’s PE classes had the unfortunate luck of having to run the trail that surrounds the golf course that fall day.

I wasn’t getting wet, well at least not as wet as the high-school kids. I was perched on top of my hidden stump underneath a large conifer, -either douglas fir or spruce, I can’t remember- working a little piece of glass-buttes obsidian. I had roughed out the preform the night before and during my 50 minute break in between geology and anthropology I decided that I would attempt the second or third Clovis point of my knapping career..

All went according to plan the first nipple was set up perfectly. I wrapped my leather around the preform tightly…     I set it on my thigh and swung… Bam! Right on target.   The first flute is always like that. It ran about half way up the preform and was wide and flat. Beauty.

The second flute came out almost as good as the first except the angle of the swing was slightly different or the edge of the preform made the flute fall just short of the length of the first.. This is how she turned out.

Thanks for stopping by,  and keep checking back here because there will be a new post every day for this month.

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day two: black butter turkeytail.

Black butter..  Mm-Mmm! deeelicious.

No this isn’t some 3 million year old, fossilised, mastadon butter but it’s as close as you can get. this stuff is commonly called a dacite in the knapping community, but archaeologists and geologist both classify it as an opaque obsidian. When it boils down to it the difference in between an obsidian and a dacite can be as little as a few seconds difference in lava cooling time.

anyways i made this bad boy from a spall that I picked up at a knap-in last january.

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first point

Ron fuller benefit point. This point was donated for a flint knapper who fell ill and needed treatment. He still needs our help so I am dedicating the first post on this blog to him. He needs our help: online benefit gallery

The point is made out of ali-stone, a rare jasper that comes from the Vermillion Bluffs. I have some videos of the source for your viewing pleasure.

Vermillion Bluffs Rock-Run

The point was made by me, November 2010.

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