point gallery

All photos are available in huge sizes, just one click away.. they are fully downloadable and you are free to use them however you like, as long as you aren’t one of those ebay scammers! haha

Check back every once in a while I’ll be updating this page as i make more posts.  These points are all from past blog posts. you can find them in the archives or in categories –> flintknapping

here’s a link to theteenagecaveman point gallery. http://teenagecaveman.wordpress.com/point-gallery/


4 thoughts on “point gallery

  1. Johanna Richards

    Wow Harley your points are amazing! Hope to see you tomorrow at the Smash gallery opening!
    Johanna & Desmond Richards

    • It was a pleasure to meet you last night. I hope to see you guys again. I’ll post a link to the maple ridge rock club for you soon.
      I hope to talk to you again soon and good luck on your future rockhounding trips!

  2. just terrific work, goes beyond craft to art,

  3. Johanna

    Indeed it does! Your work is an inspiration… can’t wait until Desmond’s birthday on the 25th!…he will be surprised!

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