Leave a comment with an email address and I’ll reply.

You can send me an email at   harleyslade (at) hotmail (dot) com, make sure you give the email a subject or i wont open it.

If you’d like to talk rock or anything else related to my blog feel free to give me a call at  1 604 880 0567

you might have to leave me a message because I am often frequented by telemarketers. I am most likely able to talk on weekends or on weekdays after 530 PST, because i have college courses to attend during the daytime.

you can also find me on facebook here:



4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Alan

    Hey man good stuff here, nice work I flintknap myself Im 24 not too many young people are into this, keep it up. I was thinking about selling some of my knappings have you done well

    • Thanks Alan! I’ve had great luck selling points to people in Vancouver, in person. I haven’t had any sales online yet but I think it’s mainly because there’s so many great knappers to chose from and I’m only 20.. Oh well I’m sure it’ll pick up at some point.

      Do you have a website? Or somewhere that I can see some of your work online?
      Thanks for dropping by, Alan.


  2. Harley have you mailed the package and do you think you will get the new computer soon. thanks Rocky

  3. bob hoffman

    Hi, new to arrowhead hunting and just started to try to make glass arrow heads. your vidios are soo good! thanks for sharing . you put in a lot of time and work into everything you do. all your finished works are a real piece of art!! So good to see a young person that is so into nature and down to earth. Wish more ppl were brought up like you. Parents must be really proud! .Seems like you get to go to a lot of places.
    Don’t know if you will see this this, or if you still post videos. Good luck in all you do and hope ppl start to buy your work. Bob

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