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A tomahawk gift

Hello there, thanks for dropping by, today I’ll be filling you in on some of the things that I’ve been up to this summer.

First on the list is this tomahawk that I made as a birthday present for my good friend Matthiew Dyck. Here’s his website: http://matthewdyck.com/blog/

The hawk head is made out of a really nice piece of midnight lace obsidian from the Glass buttes Oregon. The handle is a seasoned old piece of lilac that I collected from a demolition site. It breaks my heart to kill beautiful old plants, but I’d rather put them to use than have them trucked off to a landfill. I made the jade inlay from a scrap of jade that I picked up off the ground at the maple ridge rock club.  If I remember correctly I stuck the hawk head into the handle with pine pitch glue.
click on the images for a high resolution view.


My tomahawks are fully functional as chopping tools, for throwing, they would be able to wistand being thrown into soft targets such as straw-bails, foam-board or a deer but I have had some trouble with the obsidian cracking when the hawk is thrown into wooden targets.

If anyone is interested in commissioning a hawk drop me a line and we can work something out. For a tomahawk like this I would want somewhere in the neighborhood of 400$. My pricing depends on the wood for the handle, the material for the hawk-head and the overall size and quality of the finished piece.  If you are interested in a hand knapped, throwing tomahawk I can make the blade out of some tough rock that will take a real beating. My email is harleyslade@hotmail.com or you can reach me through the comments here.

Thanks for stopping by, and I look forward to doing business with you.


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The last post of march..

Thanks for all of the support everyone! It’s hard to believe I made it through the month. Special thanks to my girlfriend for proof reading and editing almost all of my writing. It makes a huge difference and I can tell the ones you missed c:

My plan for the future is to write an entry every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday for the next few months, so be sure to tune in and see what I’m up to.


Last Wednesday I made a Humboldt spear point for my flintknapping Youtube channel (link will be here when it’s finished uploading). After I was finished I made a cedar frame out of planks that I split off of our old chopping block. I stained the wood with charcoal and beeswax and hand carved all of the joins. I’m going to use my dad’s radial arm saw soon so that I can get better fits in the future, but until then I’ll have to cope with my little draw-knife.

The spear point is glued in with hot glue and fastened with homemade stinging nettle cordage.

I hope you like it!

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