glass bottle recycling.

Hello there. It’s time for another update.

It’s my latest space age material. Recycling to the max, if you will.

So a month or so back I decided to see if I could melt bottles into knappable slabs in my kiln. First try, right off the bat I get it right. When you melt the bottles at cone 05 you avoid any complications with crystals forming from the kiln wash and you get a perfect melt. Because of how thin the glass slabs are, the annealing happens over night. Make sure the glass is cool to the touch before you decide to take them out into the harsh air.

Here’s the first point that I got out of the bottle glass slab.

That point is worth a heck of a lot more than it would have been if I had just got the deposit back on the bottle. If you’re interested in adding this, or any of my other work into your collection you can check out my online store by clicking the link below:





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Wood stove ceramics.

This was a little experiment to see if my fireplace would get hot enough to fire a ceramic bowl.

the clay is just standard white plainsman sea mix clay that we got on sale at greenbarn pottery supply (link)

The pot seems to be bisqued, in that it isn’t soluble anymore but the clay is still permeable to water. I made the designs on the outside by burning wood chips next to the red hot pot as it cooled and the black splotches were made by melting feathers onto the outside of the pot.

It was the first try and there was a little explosion on the bottom of the piece. oh well it’s alright..  it adds character.

Thanks for looking!

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