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glass bottle recycling.

Hello there. It’s time for another update.

It’s my latest space age material. Recycling to the max, if you will.

So a month or so back I decided to see if I could melt bottles into knappable slabs in my kiln. First try, right off the bat I get it right. When you melt the bottles at cone 05 you avoid any complications with crystals forming from the kiln wash and you get a perfect melt. Because of how thin the glass slabs are, the annealing happens over night. Make sure the glass is cool to the touch before you decide to take them out into the harsh air.

Here’s the first point that I got out of the bottle glass slab.

That point is worth a heck of a lot more than it would have been if I had just got the deposit back on the bottle. If you’re interested in adding this, or any of my other work into your collection you can check out my online store by clicking the link below:





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The last post of march..

Thanks for all of the support everyone! It’s hard to believe I made it through the month. Special thanks to my girlfriend for proof reading and editing almost all of my writing. It makes a huge difference and I can tell the ones you missed c:

My plan for the future is to write an entry every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday for the next few months, so be sure to tune in and see what I’m up to.


Last Wednesday I made a Humboldt spear point for my flintknapping Youtube channel (link will be here when it’s finished uploading). After I was finished I made a cedar frame out of planks that I split off of our old chopping block. I stained the wood with charcoal and beeswax and hand carved all of the joins. I’m going to use my dad’s radial arm saw soon so that I can get better fits in the future, but until then I’ll have to cope with my little draw-knife.

The spear point is glued in with hot glue and fastened with homemade stinging nettle cordage.

I hope you like it!

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TV glass clovis

The old CRT televisions make for an awesome source of knappable glass. There is phosphorous powder on the inside of the tubes that pose a health risk but there aren’t any immediate negative effects except that cuts don’t heal as quickly as they normally do.

There is a certain irony about making a stone age tool out of a modern technological wonder, that I can’t get enough of.

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onondaga chert

Well this was the first point that I made as a twenty year old. I don’t have time to upload photos right now but here’s the link to my paleoplanet thread.


Here’s a couple of photos of the point.

Take care.

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the last point as the teenagecaveman

Well it turns out that the last point I filmed myself making on my youtube channel was also the last point that I made as a teenager.

click here for a link to the video series..

It’s a European flint Clovis attempt, the material sure is pretty..  I wish the flutes went a  little bit further instead of not going at all…  It’s an un-fluted Clovis! haha

see you tomorrow!

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first point of 2012

Like the lithified mud-stone from a few posts back, this rock came from a guy at a knap in who collected the stone in the columbia river gorge. There’s an amazing variety of material that comes out of that river, I just wish there were more easily accessible gravel bars.

I lost this point somewhere..  I’m sure it’ll turn up in one of my pockets, but I sure like the look of this rock. I have two more slabs of the stuff and I’ve been saving it for when I’m itching to make a cool looking point.

I made this point on jan 1, 2012 at about 4 pm.


See you tomorrow!

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silver sheen leaf blade.

I’m not sure weather or not i’ll notch this one. He’s about three minutes away from being a pretty sweet little gobbler (turkey tail). Let me know what you guys think about this one. Should I keep it like this as a leaf blade? Or should i throw two notches in it and call it a turkey tail? Leave a comment on this post and if you want it notched I’ll throw up an update when it’s done.


Thanks for looking! Only two more days until my birthday and the release of my final teenagecaveman video.


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Sandy bottom point

There’s some nice swirl in this one. It’s also one of the first where my parallel oblique flaking started to show through. I’m still not that great at making that flake pattern but with each point I get better.  The bottom of this point looks like some sort of poorly silicified dirt or sand  and it knapped like that too, although it was surprisingly brittle. It sure makes for an interesting point though.

While knapping this rock, she was giving off a putrid smell of petrol, i guess we can call it western stink rock. Eastern stink rock is the infamous Onondaga chert. one of these days ill knap out a point made of Onondaga for you guys and gals.

Thanks for looking!

Thanks for looking guys, and check out my youtube series shutupandknap. this week’s video series started uploading on thursday.

Have a good one!

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Day 8.. the White Gold’ Scotty.

Well, 4 more days until my birthday… 20 years. Hmm it doesn’t seem like 20 years does it. 1992… I’m approaching my fourth year knapping also. Could it be that I started flintknapping at 16? No, not quite… I’m approaching my third year flintknapping.

Here’s one of my first posts on paleoplanet… http://paleoplanet69529.yuku.com/topic/30730/a-point-i-made-this-morning#.T1XEUCNNCYA

Aaaaah good times.

Speaking of good times, two years ago (almost to the day), my mom, sister and I made our way down to the grand canyon during spring break. It was bitterly cold in the high altitudes of northern Arizona. We had snow almost every day, but it made for some amazing photographs of the canyon. On our way back we snaked through Nevada and Oregon. In a little pseudo-ghost town known for its mean cops and their tendency to ride your ass so that you have to speed in order to avoid a collision, I found this piece of rock. It’s a form of white chert from Goldfield Nevada. Little did I know, right close to that town is some of the most amazing jasper in the world. It was given the ingenious name of “Goldfield jasper”… oh well, I guess flintknappers aren’t the most creative bunch? haha

Anyways… here’s the point that I made out of the rock. It’s like a scottsbluff, but a little stubbier. Let me know if you have a better name for it. Until then it’s the “white Goldfield Scottsbluff”


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day 5: midnight lace obsidian

All copper, all the time. I’m a bad caveman, I use modern tools on stone that deserves to be worked with hammer-stones and antler billets.

If you want to watch me make this beast of a spear point check the video series out here:

warning: I do something stupid at the beginning of this video

I’ll post a link to the point if any of you guys want to buy it on Flintknappers.com. I charge 20 dollars an inch for points but if you send me an email saying you came from here, I’ll give her to you for 15 dollars an inch.

edit: here’s the link to the flintknappers page: http://www.flintknappers.com/detail.php?pid=MTQzMDE%3D

Here she is… the beast

Click on these for a ridiculously big image… that is, if you want to.

Thanks for dropping by! And as always, come back tomorrow for another post..  I’ll give you a hint. It’s a point made out of rainbow obsidian.

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