glass bottle recycling.

Hello there. It’s time for another update.

It’s my latest space age material. Recycling to the max, if you will.

So a month or so back I decided to see if I could melt bottles into knappable slabs in my kiln. First try, right off the bat I get it right. When you melt the bottles at cone 05 you avoid any complications with crystals forming from the kiln wash and you get a perfect melt. Because of how thin the glass slabs are, the annealing happens over night. Make sure the glass is cool to the touch before you decide to take them out into the harsh air.

Here’s the first point that I got out of the bottle glass slab.

That point is worth a heck of a lot more than it would have been if I had just got the deposit back on the bottle. If you’re interested in adding this, or any of my other work into your collection you can check out my online store by clicking the link below:




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White petrified wood point

I bought this piece of rock at the maple ridge rock club. It’s a great slab of some even better material. I think it may be opalised wood from Nevada. It’s the only place that I’ve ever seen a stone like that come from. If I had to guess I would say it came from McDermit nevada.

This one’s for sale here, if you’re interested: it’s 35 bucks

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a pair of peanut butter points

Howdy everyone. Today I have a couple points made out of my homemade stone called princeton peanutbutter.

Princeton peanut butter was originally an ashflow-cherty-tuff which in essence is basically a pyroclastic flow composed mainly of fine ash particles. The flow, I believe (due to partial grading on the top of the deposit), had a river flowing over it before it was lithified. The bed of ash and plant debris was berried for only a short period of time, with very little heat and pressure, before it was brought back to the surface (perhaps due to isostatic rebound from the receding ice ages.)

The composition of the ash-flow must have been rich in silica and other clay minerals because when I put it in my pottery kiln up to cone 3 the stone vitrifies and changes colour.

It’s my own little homemade stone, I love working it and it makes some of the most interesting points.


This is the first point that i made out of the superheated stone. I  made it the same day after the piece came out of the kiln.

Here’s a whole bunch of paleoplanet threads if you’re interested in reading more on the subject. Please excuse the bad grammar in these paleoplanet threads. haha

and one post form my old teenagecaveman blog


Thanks for dropping by!  my appologies for a late blog post today.. I’ve been swamped with school work for the past two weeks.

Tune in tomorrow for a sweet article on Obsidian.


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glass gunther

This is another point from a video series. I made it last Wednesday. It was a request from one of my viewers.

click here for the video series,

I think it turned out alright! let me know what you think.  Oh, this one’s for sale on my store if you’re interested. here’s the link

I hope you like this one. It was fun to make.

Tune in tomorrow to see another cool point.

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Bombay sapphire/ Robert Chaplin

Last fall I made some points for my friend named Robert Chaplin. he gave me three empty bottles of Bombay sapphire alcohol. It’s a pale light blue, and I made him four points. Rob laser welded silver wire around each and made them into pretty pendants. Here’s a link to a cool project that Rob’s been working on (royal canadian snowflakes). Here’s a link to his blog (click here). He’s always writing about something interesting and witty.

These are the Bombay sapphire points.

If you’re interested in ordering custom arrowheads drop me an email at harleyslade @ hotmail . com, or leave a comment with your email address, and we’ll get in touch.

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king bopper buster’s trophy points!

Back in the fall I held a paleoplanet contest where people posted all of their points made out of the toughest material they had and then people voted on a winner  (click here). We called it the “bopper buster contest 2011”. Micheal won, so I sent him a box full of rocks, most were tough, but some were slick. Here’s what he made out of them yesterday. (click here for the original post on paleoplanet)

if you like Micheal Miller’s work, here’s a link to his gallery.


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obsidian gunther

She’s pretty cute!

Gunther point styles are a somewhat impractical point style, which were made in the west coast of North America. They are relatively difficult to make and the only advantage to having the wings would be to serve as barbs after the arrow penentrates. The fragile nature of the rock it is made of and low tensile strength, I would assume, makes this a very unstable and all around poor hunting point. This point style was more likely used as it is today; it was made primarily as a way to show off a flintknappers skill.

Thanks for dropping by! I’m just over half way through my goal for march now… Hooftah!

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Silicified mud-stone

This stuff is sweet. I love it. Apparently it’s a mud-stone that lithified or agatised, after a bit of heat the rock slicks up and works beautifully.

But then again, I’m a sucker for the brown rocks.

This material comes from the Columbia River Gorge..  and a fat lot of good that does anyone trying to find it..  The gorge runs for miles and miles with very few access points. The best way that I can figure for you to explore the area is to get yourself a boat and hug the shoreline looking for river bars that you can search for knappables. I know of knappable stone that comes from the Deschutes area and from Biggs. Other than that i have no idea. I went to the gorge at the access point near George Washington, (the town.. not the guy) and I found a few pieces of different coloured opalites.. but they were few and far between, with the source of the rock potentially anywhere along the cliffs of the gorge. Good luck to any of you trying to find rock. If you find some sources and are willing to help a brother out, let me know! haha.

But i digress..  Here’s my arrowhead

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day 7: nevada bullseye jasper

I started this guy while I was ice fishing with my grandpa on reading break. I finally got around to finishing up the edge-work today and it sure was worth it. Such amazing stone, and apparently only about 10% of the stone that comes out of the source is knappable. This piece looks like a nasty purple bruise down at the base. Either that, or a delicious, oddly coloured, marbled steak… mmm steak… haha

This is the third point that I’ve made out of the stuff and I like it better each time I try it. There’s always a surprise inside and each piece is different.

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day six.. RAAAINBOW!!

I dug this rock out of the rainbow obsidian pits on my first excursion to the glass buttes. I’ve kept it for just about four years now, and today was the day that I turned that sucker into a point!

..Well.. you’re reading this and it will be at the very least 3 days from when I made the arrowhead and when I wrote this post..  oh well you get the point (get it? point?…  arrowhead?  BAAHAHAAA!!!).

The colours in this variety of obsidian come from microscopic air or gas bubbles trapped in the rock which make billions of tiny prisms. the different colours come from the bubbles being aligned in one direction for each colour.

If you’re interested in purchasing this point, here is the link to where you can click add to cart to your heart’s content.




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