unknown fire egg

I found this bizarre egg while I was hiking the volcano in Hawaii two years ago. When I first picked it up it was so hot, It blistered my right thumb and forefinger quite badly.  I scooped it up in one of my socks and let it cool down enough to put in my pocket. I have no idea what type of animal it comes from, but I’m assuming it’s some sort of bird. I half expected to be able to crack the egg open and eat it for lunch but the stupid shell was too thick and it sounded hollow anyways. So far the thing hasn’t started to stink, so I guess there’s nothing inside.

If any of you have some idea of what kind of bird could have laid this thing..  please, let me know!

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One thought on “unknown fire egg

  1. Jason Wiggly.

    Phoenix egg, born of fire.

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