bone and stone carvings

In spirit of my last post.. I’m going to show you guys some more of my carvings.

I made the soapstone bear/bearclaw for my new uncle Bob Buckley and the raven made of moose leg-bone for my friend Pat Braden.

Thanks for dropping by, and sorry for the short post.

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3 thoughts on “bone and stone carvings

  1. Cool! What tools do you need at the bare minimum for rock carving./ knife making? I’m a little bit interested. Thanks for the post.

    • Rock carving tools really depend on what type of rock you’re looking to work. For soapstone I primarily use hand files and sand paper, but for harder rock you will want to invest in stone chisels or power tools like die-grinders with diamond bits.
      no knife making is a whole other ball game. Flint knapped knives will take you a while to be able to keep the large blades in one piece. I have a video out on making a pressure flaker on my youtube channel “shutupandknap”
      Blacksmithing knives is a whole other ball game that I haven’t gotten myself into yet.. but soon I’ll be building a little forge to mess around with. Maybe I’ll do some jewelry casting as well. when I get that going I’ll be sure to do a few blog entries.
      Thanks for dropping by and commenting. If you have any more questions let me know and I’ll do my best to answer them.

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